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A Meaford man has been charged with impaired driving after he was stopped on Sykes St. in the town. On Thursday, police received numerous complaints about an intoxicated man driving an e-bike in Meaford. Just after 12:30 p.m., police stopped the suspect...Drivers are advised to put their hand-held electronic devices away, as the Province's new distracted driving penalties hit British Columbia roads and highways today. Now, anyone caught talking on a hand-held electronic device while driving is subject to three...We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful.9 men stood outside in office clothes with broad grins You'll need to sell your company for over half a billion dollars now if you want to make it into the Top 10 largest Cambridge sales following CSR's (proposed) acquisition by Qualcomm – Cambridge's...In a year that has seen him off the podium on just three occasions, Shane Byrne notches up a timely ninth win to seal the 2014 BSB title. Follow @crash_net. StumbleUpon. Byrne wraps up 2014 BSB title in style. Brands Hatch Grand Prix: Byrne wraps up...Peter Sutcliffe – the serial killer nicknamed the Nanyang - A group of technologists have created a remarkable new battery: the battery can be charged up within two minutes and, once fully charged, power on for up to 20 years. The new batteries can be charged up very quickly, achieving 70 percent...September saw the release of Destiny, one of this year's most anticipated titles for the current-generation of consoles. The launch was also a momentous occasion for Sony too as they'd partnered with publishers Activision to align the launch of Destiny closer...New 2014 signage located on Highway 6 indicates the addition of M+S tires for winter driving. — image credit: Trisha Shanks photo. Trisha Shanks. After October 1, most of British Columbia's rural drivers are expected to be using winter tires by law. Winter...HONG KONG — It's a good thing some people can't buy BlackBerry's Passport phone, chief executive officer John Chen said. That means it's popular. Shortages of the business-focused smartphone show that efforts to turn around the unprofitable company...This is the alarming moment a girl's mobile phone EXPLODES on a bus while charging before catching fire. Other travelling passengers can be seen panicking as the girl runs up and down the bus aisle with the phone still ablaze in her hands. The distressed...Just a month on from unleashing the iPhone 6 on to the world, Apple is gearing up for another big hardware launch. While this one isn't expected to be the game changer that the record-smashing iPhone 6 launch, we're expecting exciting new developments...

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