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(Photo : Commons) Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials are closing another wolf hunting zone after closing two hunting zones on Sunday and another the week before. Only two wolf hunting zones remain open. Wisconsin Department of...With a partial eclipse, the moon and sun are off-center, meaning that only a fraction of the sun is blacked out by the moon. In case you have ever wanted to see a crescent-shaped sunset, now if your chance to cross that item off your bucket list. According to a...NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered three Kuiper belt objects. The spacecraft would make an attempt to visit one of these three bodies after the completion of the Flyby Pluto mission. Scientists stated that the spacecraft can certainly touch one of...NASA billed the event as a once-in-a-lifetime close encounter between a planet (Mars) and a comet. It passed by at about one-third the distance between the moon and the Earth, risking three orbiters currently studying the Red Planet. As previously reported...The Global Green Economy Index out on Monday listed Australia as last among 60 countries assessed for leadership on global warming leadership, while another index measuring climate performance – The Climate Change Performance Index – has...Tractor beams that can attract and repel large objects such as spaceships are a staple of sci-fi plotlines. However, researchers have revealed they are finally a reality - albeit on a slightly smaller scale. The first long-distance optical tractor beam moved...The Government might finally have a solution to London's pigeon problem, as a killer seagull has been spotted terrorising them in Hyde Park. Visitors to the popular tourist spot said that the bird catches pigeons by the neck and then pulls them into the water,...The Geological Society of London has named its top 100 geological sites in the UK and Ireland, including 10 There are many real-world examples in the United States where government policies and emerging technologies are creating opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while delivering net economic benefits; with targeted policy support, the U.S....This is Sanchayeeta Borthakur, assistant research scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Focusing on large, star-forming galaxies, researchers at the Johns Hopkins University were able to measure radiation leaks in an effort to better...Fluorescent yeast cells present on the legs of flies. (Photo : Cell Reports, Christiaens et al.) Yeast used in beer brewing gives off its signature scent to attract flies, which disperse the cells throughout the environment. When this yeast lacks even one aroma...AFTER a two-decade struggle, Michael Ross is about to become one of the biggest land barons in Queensland. Widely known as the “barefoot chairman'' for his lifelong dislike of shoes, the cattleman and head of the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation will control...

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